NFL Commissioner has reacted to the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance…

In a recent interview with CBS Mornings, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed his positive views on the romantic relationship between pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Goodell mentioned that he is pleased to see the couple happy and enjoying their relationship. According to the commissioner, this connection between a renowned artist like Swift and an exceptional NFL player like Kelce has not only brought joy to the couple but has also expanded the fan base of both Taylor Swift and the NFL.

Goodell highlighted the impact of this high-profile romance, stating that it has drawn more fans to the NFL, as people now feel a connection to the game through the celebrity couple.

He acknowledged Taylor Swift’s artistic prowess and Travis Kelce’s athletic skills, emphasizing that the attention they bring to the league is beneficial. The increased viewership of NFL games, particularly those involving the Kansas City Chiefs, has been attributed to Swift’s presence at the games with Kelce.

The Commissioner mentioned that the recent Monday night football game between the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, where Swift attended to support Kelce’s older brother Jason, became the most-viewed Monday night football game in 27 years.

Despite some criticism from sports fans who argue that the NFL’s coverage has been overly focused on Swift, Goodell defended the attention, stating that it is a cultural moment that combines sports and entertainment, generating positive energy around the sport.

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